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At PBParts.com we can normally complete repairs in 1 to 4 days; this is possible because we stock most parts for the units we service, and because we stock the parts, you will never have to pay for a part your computer doesn't need. All of our in-shop repairs are guaranteed for 90 days. We accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover, personal or company checks, and money orders. Payment is not normally due until we have completed the work, and can be made by telephone, fax, or through our secure payment gateway (Authorize.Net). Our in-shop labor rate is just $65 per hour, and many repairs can be done in just one hour. We always provide a thorough estimate, and we will only complete the work once you've authorized the repairs. If for any reason you decide not to have repairs completed, return shipping plus one hour for the estimate is all you will be billed. There is no charge for the estimate if repairs are completed.

Before shipping anything to our facility, a Repair/Return Material Authorization number (RMA#) must be assigned. The RMA# can be used to track the unit to our facility, through the repair process, and back to you. This number is essential; Any package that doesn't have a valid RMA# plainly visible on the shipping label is refused and returned to the sender. PBParts.com assumes no liability for items unless there is a valid RMA number plainly visible on the outside of the package when it is delivered. To obtain the number, please complete the form below. Once the form is submitted, we will email the number with a shipping label and instructions.

If the information provided is not complete and accurate, delay will result when your unit arrives at our facility. Submitting this completed form constitutes acceptance of our policies and procedures, and gives PBParts.com permission to work on the unit described.

If you are completing this form to send an item for core credit, exchange or warranty repair, please adapt the form as necessary. We do not charge an estimate charge for these items, and any return shipping charges will usually be considerably less than what is listed in the form below.

Please complete the following information: (Required entries are in *Bold*)
*E-Mail Address* (privacy policy)
*Address 1* (Enter the address where unit will be returned)
Address 2
*City* State Zip Code -
If outside the US, please put full country name in with the city, and 2 letter country code for the state
(Example: City - Brussels/Netherlands, State - NL)
*Telephone* Alternate Phone
Shipping Notes:
1) Retail shipping stores (Postnet, UPS Store, Etc...) will often charge two to four times normal rates for shipping and packing. We recommend using these services sparingly.

2) Try to avoid using the original box for laptop shipping. Factory packaging is usually more costly to ship (due to size), and often does not hold up well in shipping. We reserve the right to return your unit in other packaging. If you need your box returned there may be an additional charge.

3) FedEx, and Airborne Express provide specially designed "Laptop Kits". The kits cost $10, and offer excellent protection.

4) We do not recommend shipping laptop computers via UPS Ground, FedEx Ground, or DHL Ground. Ground services have been known to damage fragile items, and often will not pay for damages, even when insured. FedEx Express, UPS Air, and DHL Air are more appropriate for laptop shipments. We use FedEx Express for all laptops, except where noted.

5) We recommend insuring the item for replacement value at a minimum.

6) Shipping price ranges shown here are for a PowerBook with no accessories being shipped inside the United States, and include replacement value insurance for the hardware only. Shipments to Alaska and Hawaii will be made via USPS Priority Mail or Express Mail for overnight. Actual shipping charges are based on the weight, size, value, and distance shipped. We will quote exact shipping charges when we issue the RMA.

7) Additional insurance can be purchased for 1% of the TOTAL insured value. PBParts.com assumes no additional liability -- regardless of the insured value.

Do you need us to send you a box?

How do you want the item returned?
Type of Unit Provide as much information as you know.
On many units, this information is on a sticker near the Serial Number.
(example: PowerBook 266MHz/1MB Cache/128MB/4GB HD/Modem)
*Model or Family No.* Usually located on the bottom of the unit.
*Serial No.* It may be located near the family number, inside the battery compartment, or under the keyboard. If not available enter "unknown."
Included Accessories: Please do not include accessories unless they are needed for the work being done. We have the standard accessories, if needed (battery, power adapter, CD/DVD drive, etc.).There will be additional fees for testing and return shipping of removable accessories. It is not necessary to remove memory or Airport cards.
CD Drive Combo Drive
DVD Drive DVD Decoder
SuperDrive Airport Card
Battery Power Adapter
Other (please list with S/N's below)
Please list the S/N's of all included accessories and comments:
*Please describe the condition of the unit:* Be specific about scratches, dings, scuff marks, fading, etc. If all existing damage is not accurately described, we will not be able to proceed with the requested work.
*Describe the work to be done or reason sent:*

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