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G4 (Titanium)

The information below has been gathered from many sources (spec. database, observation, etc.) and may not be all inclusive. Please feel free to notify us of important errors or omissions.

The Titanium line of PowerBooks was introduced in 2001. First generation Titaniums (A.K.A Mercury) had a 400 or 500MHz G4 processor, and a slot loading DVD/CD Drive. Second generation Titaniums (Gigabit, or Onyx) were offered with a 550 or 667 MHz processor and a DVD/CDRW combo drive. For a brief period, this model could be purchased with either DVD/CD or CDRW drives. The original and Gigabit were equipped with PCMCIA/CardBus, modem, VGA, S-Video, 10/100 Ethernet (Gigabit on the Onyx), FireWire® 400 (IEEE 1394), speaker/headphone, and dual USB® ports; both also had a 15.2-inch 1152 X 768 LCD display.

Third generation Titaniums (DVI) had the same features as the previous models, except the following: 667 or 800 MHz processor; DVD/CDRW combo drive standard; 15.2-inch 1280 X 854 display; DVI port (VGA adapter included), and a microphone input.

Fourth generation Titaniums, the final version (1GHz/867MHz), had the same features as the DVI with the addition of an CDRW/DVD-R (SuperDrive®) on the 1GHz model.

All of the Titaniums look outwardly identical, but almost none of the parts are interchangeable between the four models. Always check with us before ordering any item that doesn't specifically state it will fit the model in question.

We have or can get almost any part for the Titanium models. If you don't see what you need, please contact us. We will do our best to help you out.

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